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Investment Highlights

NGS has established strong foundations in the US$20B grow-up milk market and continues to
build momentum for the next stage of growth in 2023 in beyond.
Newly Appointed CEO

New NGS product ‘Happy Tummies’ stocked in September 2023 by Walmart further increasing revenue, with NGS continuing to work with Walmart to identify further product development opportunities.

Sold through Walmart

Walmart now stocking Healthy
Heights with significant
opportunities for expansion

Future opportunities in China
and South East Asia

Strategic opportunities in global
markets with with discussions

Patented, Clinically Tested
Products Designed by Doctors

Created at a leading children’s
hospital with a unique offering in
the market

49% Gross Profit Margin

Strong gross margin will be
critical to gain profitability

Unlocking Potential Growth

Increase Walmart sales to
maximize revenue in US market

Strategic Restructuring

Simplified operations, a stronger
foundation with significant reductions in
costs realised and further gains ahead

Nearing Cash Flow Positive

US business nearing cash flow neutral,
with NGS on track to be cash flow neutral
or positive by Q1 2024

Investor Presentation

August 2023

Latest Investor
Webinar Recording

15 August 2023



22 November 2023

Young NFL Star Storm Russo on Healthy Heights

20 November 2023

Healthy Heights Available at Walmart

1 September 2023

KPRC TV Houston Brent Bishop Healthy Heights

7 July 2023

KPRC TV Houston Brent Bishop Healthy Heights

10 June 2023

Health Expert Brent Bishop on Healthy Heights

9 June 2023

Marie Spano discusses Healthy Heights for Kids

9 June 2023

Health Snacks for Kids

16 May 2023

Top 9yr old Football Quarterback in the US

17 April 2023

Investing in Your Grandkids’ Future? It Starts in the Kitchen

16 March 2023

NGS – 2023 Biotech & Nutrition Investor Webinar

23 February 2023

Nutritional Growth Solutions (ASX:NGS) shuffles leadership team to drive growth

17 January 2023

NGS pilot study investigating effects of supplement on young athletes

13 January 2023

Nutritional Growth Solutions to hit new Heights in 2023

11 January 2023

NGS launches clinical trial on supplements for young athletes, targets the $80 billion sports nutrition market

11 January 2023

Nutritional Growth Solutions (ASX:NGS) launches clinical trial of sports supplement for children

11 January 2023

NGS commences clinical trial for child sport supplement

10 January 2023

Brent Bishop on Kids, Exercise and Diet

21 December 2022

Xmas comes early for Nutritional Growth Solutions as US sales accelerate after giant Walmart deal

18 October 2022

Nutritional Growth Solutions (ASX:NGS) receives positive results from Healthy Heights clinical trial


05 October 2023

Nutritional Growth Solutions reports Walmart has awarded another 55 stores

Growth Strategy

A clearly defined strategy for US expansion in 2023 and beyond
Increase Sales Velocity

Increase Walmart sales velocity (units sold per week) from the current 1.2 to 1.5 through the continued execution of NGS’ strategic and targeted North American marketing campaign.

Grow Number of Stores

Increased sales velocity will result in NGS’ products being stock in a greater number of the total 3,500 North American Walmart stores.

Expand Product Lines Through Further Development

New NGS product ‘Happy Tummies’ to be stocked in Walmart by Q3/Q4 further increasing revenue, with NGS continuing to work with Walmart to identify further product development opportunities.

Increase US Retail Distribution

Gain further retail distribution in the US with additional retailers seeking to leverage off Walmart's sales success.

Continued Support and Optimization on Amazon and E-Commerce platforms

Build on momentum gained in Q3/Q4 ‘22 with newer campaigns and content to build on growth in daily sales and reach. Provides a needed platform while we grow the retail channel